Sunday, October 23, 2011

Thai Green Curry

This is going to be another one of my pictorial endeavors. This is time it's Thai green curry. Will be posting the amounts soon. For now, gawk and enjoy.;)

How much you use is up to you. Can use more veggies if you want. Just make sure to gather all the ingredients together as the process goes pretty fast.

I have used lime leaves, red bell pepper, snow peas, baby corn, bamboo shoots and chinese long eggplants. Add carrots if you like.

Heat oil in a wok.

Add green curry paste and lime leaves. You want to fry these for about a minute so that the flavor of the lime leaves and the curry paste can come out and make beautiful chemistry in your wok.

Now add coconut cream. When you open an unshaken can of coconut milk the cream rises to the top. You just want to take the cream off gently and stir fry it for a few minutes. Don't get rid of the watery coconut milk though. That we shall use later.

I added the cream a little at a time.

Now add in your thinly sliced boneless chicken breast meat.

Keep stirring.

Now add baby corn and bamboo shoots.

Closely followed by eggplants.

And bell pepper. Use any color you like.

Give a quick stir to mix everything together.

Now add the coconut milk. Told you, we'd add it later.

Quick stir again.

Now add fish sauce.

Cover it up to let everything cook.

And snow peas. The snow peas cook really fast. So the trick is to add it when you are nearing the end. Afterwards add handfuls of Thai basil leaves. 

And serve the green curry in a vessel of your choice.